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A woman was axed to death by her brother’s rivals

ISLAMABAD, Dec 24: A woman was axed to death by her brother’s rivals here on Monday. Police said Matloob had run into a brawl with his rivals in Pind Paryan area last night over some issue. On Monday morning when he left home for his farmland along with some of his relatives in a tractor, his opponents again intercepted him. As they were quarrelling, some elders of the area intervened in the matter and the two parties left the spot.

In the meantime, Matloob’s sister Asia Bibi, 24, came out of her house along with her relative Shahnaz Bibi and rushed towards the house of her brother’s rivals. However, when they reached the house, her brother’s opponents attacked them with axes and batons. Asia fell on the ground after she was hit in the head and started bleeding profusely.

The attackers also beat and injured Shahnaz and escaped from the scene.

Both the injured were shifted to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims), where Asia died, while Shahnaz was stated to be out of danger.

Meanwhile, a man was killed after coming under the wheels of a train on Sunday night.

The unidentified deceased was in his 30s. The police said the man was lying naked on the track located at Shams Colony. The driver of the train honked after seeing him on the track but he did not move and was run over.

Source: Dawn