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‘90pc women in urban areas affected with bone diseases’

LAHORE: The medical experts at a seminar have observed that Osteoporosis like blood pressure is a silent killer and regarded as the 4th killer disease the worldwide but the good news is that it is curable after early diagnosis and proper management.

“The 90 percent women in urban areas and 30 percent women in rural areas are affected with weakness of bones i.e. osteoporosis,” the experts said while addressing a seminar on “Osteoporosis is a silent thief of bones” organised by the Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society in collaboration with the Pakistan Orthopaedic Association in connection with World Osteoporosis Day here at a local hotel on Wednesday.

The speakers said that osteoporosis and dengue fever were linked to each other as both the diseases affected the immune system of the patients. However, they said that sunlight was extremely useful for the patients of osteoporosis. Speaking on the occasion, Punjab Parliamentary Secretary of Health Dr Saeed Elahi said that provision of basic health facilities to the people was priority of the Punjab government as it had increased 5 per cent health budget. He said that to counter Osteoporosis, the government had planned to establish 50 cricket and 50 hockey grounds in the province soon.

Dr Elahi said that more resources would be allocated to counter Osteoporosis. He said around 500 appointments on osteoporosis were made in teaching hospitals in Pakistan out of which 350 were in Punjab’s hospitals alone.

Allama Iqbal Medical College Principal Prof Dr. Javed Akram said the women suffering from osteoporosis usually refrained from going into the sunlight for fear of dark complexion. He asked the women to benefit from sunlight particularly in winter season to remain safe from osteoporosis and so many other diseases. He said the ratio of the women suffering from osteoporosis was higher in cities than the women in villages. He said patients of osteoporosis should do regular excise and take milk to deal with it.

Dr Nusrat Ali said that osteoporosis was a Greek terminology for weakening of bones, adding that osteoporosis did not appear before 10 years and it hit bones after 20 years in the body. He said that 20 per cent of female patients died due to osteoporosis and 30 per cent patients needed lifetime treatment while 20 per cent patients fully recovered from this disease. Dr Ashraf Nizami said that osteoporosis was not a fatal disease. However, the people needed to change their lifestyle to avoid this disease.

Dr Mazhar Imtiaz said that osteoporosis weakened the whole human body, therefore, needed to be properly taken care of. Dr Abubakar said that balanced diet helped to deal with osteoporosis. He said osteoporosis could be controlled at initial stages by taking precaution measures. Dr Ghulam Abbas said that stadium and parks should be established for the masses to improve their health. Dr Saeed Qazi and others also spoke on the occasion. MKRMS Chairman Wasif Nagi hosted the seminar while Kashan Haider, Ali Imran and Shahzad Rauf assisted him.

Source: The News