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7 boys abduct classmate, videotape rape

By Afnan Khan

LAHORE: A young girl was allegedly abducted and raped by seven of her class fellows, Daily Times learnt on Wednesday.
The girl and the boys were all students of ACCA at SKANS in Garden Town.

According to the FIR, Ayesha went to a shop near her college at around 12 noon to buy a card for her cell phone. Her class fellows, Awais Khattak, Adil Kamal, Chaudhry Jahanzeb, Zeeshan Bhatti, John Masih, Zain Bhatti and Arsalan Shabbir abducted her on gunpoint. Khattak, Kamal, Jahanzeb and Zeeshan Bhatti loaded her into a car and took her to a guesthouse near Ghalib Market. The FIR stated that the guesthouse had a white gate. It said a woman and a young girl, who were already present in the guesthouse, forced her to drink alcohol. All those present tortured the girl, the FIR said. Masih, Zain Bhatti and Shabbir also reached the guesthouse after a while.

According to the girl’s mother, all seven men raped the girl and also videotaped the gang rape. The mother said Ayesha’s mobile phone, college identity card and 2,000 pounds were snatched. The accused threw Ayesha outside the college gate, and fled.

Ayesha’s mother, Lubna lodged an FIR with the Garden Town Police Station.

Lubna stated that Ayesha was scheduled to leave for England soon. She said all the seven accused used to harass Ayesha on campus. She said she had visited the college principal to complain against the boys. She said the principal did not pay heed to her complaints.

Arrested: Garden Town Police Station House Officer Ihsan Ashraf Butt told Daily Times five of the accused had been arrested. He said Khattak, Kamal, Zain Bhatti, Zeeshan Bhatti and Jahanzeb were those arrested.

However, Investigation Officer Ali Ajwad denied the arrests. He said the police was still looking for the accused and would make the arrests public as soon as they were made.
Source: Daily Times