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5 booked for holding jirga

SHIKARPUR, Sept 7: The Naparkot police registered an FIR on Sunday against an influential person and four others for holding a jirga in Ali Mohammad village on Friday.

The orders for registration of FIR were issued by the Shikarpur DPO Khadim Hussain Rind.

The jirga had decided to hand over six minor girls aging between three and 13 years in so-called compensation of two murders to the aggrieved party.

Those booked included Mir Niaz Hussain Khan Jatoi, Bago Jatoi, his son Rahim Bux, brother Ali Hassan and cousin Mohammad Saleh Jatoi.

A case against them was also registered under section 310-A of the PPC on behalf of the state.

The jirga was held by Mir Niaz Hussain Khan Jatoi to settle the dispute between two rival groups of Bago Jatoi and Ali Mohammad Jatoi emerged after murder of Ali Mohammad Jatoi and his relative Ali Khan Jatoi by the rival group of Bago

Jatoi in kutcha area in the jurisdiction of Naparkot police station.

The Jirga found Bago group guilty and decided to give six minor girls in marriage with the relatives of deceased Mohammad Ali Jatoi and Ali Khan Jatoi as the compensation of murders of two persons.

According to DPO of Shikarpur, a 13-year-old girl was married and handed over to a man belonging to the aggrieved party. While four other minor girls of three to six years of age remained at the houses of their parents.

The names of the girls could not be ascertained.

Police conducted raids to arrest Mir Niaz Hussain and others but could pick up no one till the filing of this report.
Source: Dawn