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Day: July 31, 2012

Man seeks Afghan couple’s custody

PESHAWAR: A man, introducing himself as a stepbrother of escaped Afghan girl, appealed to PHC, CJ, to hand over the couple taking refuge in Abbottabad

Ending anti-women practices

President Asif Ali Zardari put his signature on Friday to “One Million Signatures” campaign to end violence against women, sending out the message that abuses

All in a girl s day!

As a boss, I prefer female assistants. They are more responsible, dedicated and focused. It is, however, very unfortunate that despite being as competent as

Husband kills wife, mother-in-law

THATTA: A man shot his wife and mother-in-law dead in Mirpurbathoro town on Monday. Asif Khaskheli shot dead his wife Moomal and mother-in law Rashida

Release of rape accused decried

HYDERABAD: A number of women demonstrated outside the press club here on Monday in protest against the SHO of Tando Allahyar police station who allegedly