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2,000 women to be inducted into Sindh police

Karachi: To ensure transparency and merit, the Department of Sindh Police has decided to make new recruitments against the announced vacancies with the assistance of the National Testing Service (NTS), said the inspector general of police (IGP) on Monday.

Talking to a delegation of the National Management College, IGP Ghulam Hyder Jamali said the Special Security Unit of the Sindh police had recently completed the recruitment procedure through the NTS.

Jamali said that in view of gender-responsive policing, women were being encouraged to join the police force, adding that more than 2,000 women would be recruited.

Karachi operation

“Substantial reduction in the rate of crime has been observed across the province, especially in July, August and September,” said the IGP. “The Sindh police have particularly focused on terrorism, target killings, kidnappings for ransom and extortion.”

He said that during the reported period, 247 criminals had been killed in different encounters with the police while 1,293 had been arrested.

Jamali also shared the details of the ongoing targeted operation, which was launched against criminals in Karachi on September 5 last year. Comparing the number of killings before and during the operation, he said the figure had significantly reduced from 2,342 to 989.

Similarly, he added, cases of extortion have reduced from 1,303 to 1,245 and street crimes from 2,196 to 1,798.

The IGP told the delegation that this year the police had seized 517 kilograms of explosives from terrorists, in addition to 23 bombs, 459 hand and rifle grenades, 16 RPG-7 rockets, 11 suicide jackets, four G-3 rifles, 260 Kalashnikovs and sub-machine guns, and 7,954 pistols, revolvers and shotguns.

“A total of 2,392 encounters have been carried out across the province this year, leaving 371 terrorists, kidnappers, robbers and other criminals dead, while 7,435 criminals have been arrested,” he added.

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