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‘1,993 women killed in country last year’

KARACHI: While around 8,000 incidents of violence against women were witnessed last year in the country, many incidents were never reported to the police, said an annual report on violence against women launched here on Tuesday.

The report, which is based on the cases reported in major dailies, has been compiled by Aurat Foundation.

It showed that 5,492 incidents of violence against women were reported in Punjab, 1,652 in Sindh, 650 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 79 in Balochistan and 127 in Islamabad.

The report, which was launched by Minister for Women Development Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto, observed that the figures of Islamabad were alarming given the smaller population and high security maintained in the capital.

The report mentioned that 1,993 women, including 557 in the name of honour, were murdered in the country last year. As many as 633 women committed ‘suicide’, 32 women were targeted in acid attacks and 38 women were targeted in ‘stove burning’ incidents. Besides, 2,236 women were abducted and 926 women were raped.

Of the 1,652 incidents recorded in 23 districts of Sindh last year, 575 were cases of murder, which included 266 killings carried out in the name of honour.

Besides, there were 246 cases of abduction, 136 incidents of domestic violence, 140 cases of ‘suicide’, 157 cases of rape and gang-rape, 34 cases of sexual assault, three cases of acid attack and 361 others were miscellaneous in nature.

Source: Dawn