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14-year old forced to marry 60-year old man

KHIPRO, July 12 2005: In a village of Khipro, Changal Khan Adam Junejo and Hanif Pathan have forcibly detained a 14-year-old daughter of a farmer to punish him as he wanted to shift to another village against their wishes.

No change has been brought about in the social and political set-up of rural life in the country where even today feudal lords are all in all and master of lives and death of helpless and powerless villagers.

Allah Bux, father of the girl, told the newsmen that five years ago, he was a farmer on the lands of Changal Khan Adam Junejo and Hanif Pathan but he decided to move to some other village due to financial problems.

His landlords on getting this information kidnapped his daughter, Hajran, to stop and punish him, later they forcibly solemnised her nikkah with a 60-year-old man, he said.

He, who could not control his emotions, started weeping. He further said that the man died after some time but these cruel people have imprisoned his daughter and wanted to marry her again with another 60-year-old man.

He strongly appealed to President Gen Pervez Musharraf, Sindh Governor Dr. Ishratul Ibad, Chief Minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Police high-ups, NGOs and Human Right Commission of Pakistan to take serious notice of this cruelty and get his innocent daughter released from the clutches of the cruel landlords.
Source: Nation