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10-year-old saved from the jaws of sexual predators

By: Salis bin Perwaiz

KARACHI: The Jauharabad police raided a house in Goharabad on Tuesday and arrested two men who were about to sexually assault a 10-year-old girl.

The suspects also confessed to having raped and killed a six-year-old girl, Alishba, on December 12. Some residents, after having seen two suspicious people accompany a girl to a house, had alerted the police, who rushed to the house and conducted a raid, during which they found the two men attempting to rape the young girl.

The police overpowered the suspects and saved the child from being abused. They took the girl and the men to the police station, where the suspects identified themselves as Basheer and Abdul Majeed. They also confessed to having raped and murdered Alishba a few days ago.

Narrating the details of their brutal crime, one of the suspects, Basheer, told the police that he kidnapped Alishba on the evening of December 12 and took her to his house where he, along with his friend, Abdul Majeed, and a relative, Imran, gang-raped her.

As Alishba fell unconscious, Basheer and his accomplices thought that their victim would identify them once she regained her consciousness. They decided to kill the six-year-old. Basheer gorged the eyes of the girl and later strangulated her to death.

The suspects further told the police that after murdering Alishba, Basheer and Imran wrapped the body of the girl in a cloth sheet and dumped it in Gulistan-i-Jauhar. The police said that the suspect had planned to rape another girl, “N”, by offering the child some sweets and taking her to their house.

But for the timely action by the police, “N” might have been raped and killed. The police said that “N”, a resident of the same area, had also been a friend and classmate of Alishba. The body of Alishba was recovered on December 14 from the bush of Block II of Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Some residents had informed the Gulistan-e-Jauhar police after having spotted it.

She was the daughter of a labourer, Mohammed Nazeer. She had gone missing after going out of her house on that fateful day. The family had searched her at various places but could not find her. They later they lodged a complaint at the Jauharbad police station.

Source: The News