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Women among 46 Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails

ISLAMABAD, March 26: The Ansar Burney Trust has released a list of 46 Pakistani prisoners, including women, who are languishing in Indian jails despite completing their sentences.

Former caretaker minister for human rights and Ansar Burney Trust International chairman Ansar Burney said the trust had received a list of Pakistani prisoners in jails of Indian Punjab awaiting their release.

He said he was in contact with the Indian authorities to get them released on humanitarian grounds. “We are also searching families of the prisoners in Pakistan,” he added.

The list contains the following names: Abdul Sharif son of Gulam Ahmed (resident of Balochistan), Altaf-ur-Rehman son of Mohammad Adris (Karachi), Mohammad Aslam Khan son of Abdul Reheem (Lahore), Akbar Ali son of Rehmat Ali (Lahore), Gulzar Ahmad son of Jharru Khan (Panu Aqil), Shukla Ghosh (woman), Mohammad Bilal son of Rehmat Ali (Karachi), Nadeem Sarwar son of Akras (Kasur), Goonga Bola, Iqbal Saddique son of Mohammad Saddique (Gujranwala), Mukhtar Ahmad son of Khushu Mohammad (Kasur), Moosa Kazim son of Hameed Khan (Multan), Harun Rashid son of Sikandar (Jarrial), Master Girgtam, Shah Niwaz son of Mohammad Saddique (Okara), Asgar son of Mohammad Ali (Narowal), Shingar Ali son of Baba Hussain Ali (Hyderabad), Riasar Singh, Jasrullah son of Guffar (Gujranwala), Nakeeb-ur-Rehman son of Safan Ijat (Okara), Mohammad Musleen son of Wahid Bakash (Dera Ghazi Khan), Afzal son of Basir (Narowal), Javed Khan son of Blunad Shah (Chowk Khappa), Abhi Saloom son of Mukhtar Masih (Lahore), Khadam son of Salaudin Karim (Peta), Rameej Raja Abad son of Abad Shah Noor Hussain (Abbotabad), Fakir Hussain son of Roshan Din (Narowal), Mohammad Aurangzeb son of Mohammad Khan (Jalalabad), Akbar Ali son of Nawab Ali (Sialkot), Liyaqat Ali son of Jalaldeen (Kasur), Mohammad Abbas son of Suleman Khan (Sialkot), Aasak Achiove son of Asmat Ullah, Mohammad Azmal son of Taz Gul (Mardan), Sakeel son of Babu Khan (Lahore), Farzeena Sareen wife of Idria (Lahore), Mohammad Niam son of Mohammad Sarwar Khan (Narowal), Mohammad Irfan son of Zir Khan, Asif son of Mohammad Asif (Narowal), Batru Bafru son of Bakhu (Manakot), Ahmed son of Sadiq (Karachi), Seema wife of Ahmed (Karachi), Faisal Nazam son of Khadam (Sheikhupura), Noosar-ullah son of Dinullah Benjoo (Jhabgharr Sangalkoti), Zahir Abbas son of Mohammad Safdar (Lahore), Gulzar son of Malkaman (Mardan), Maqbool Hussain son of Ayat Ullah (Lahore) and Mohammad Imran son of Mohammad Anwar (Sheikhupura).
Source: Dawn

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