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Reshma leaves fans spellbound

By Jonaid Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Residents of the federal capital enjoyed one of the most memorable musical evenings at the National Art Gallery on Monday night when living legend Reshma sang two of her all time favourite songs, Lambi Judai and Pat Meri Lal.

Even though she is ailing and sick every individual attending the musical evening was mesmerised with her voice.

Always a kind-hearted person, Reshma prayed sincerely for the welfare and solidarity of the country. “May Allah always bless Pakistan and keep it safe and away from harm’s way,” she said, adding that she had never thought that she would come on stage again.

But it is the love of my countrymen which inspired me to sing again this evening, she said.

But things must have been different for the living folklore vocalist, seated beaming among the Islamabad audience, to appreciate her relatives — daughter Shazia, niece Ruby and grandson Sawan — interpret her songs, and tell the public that they are now worthy inheritors of the precious heritage which has been passed on to them.

We learnt from Compere Irum Gilani that even during her sickness this vocalist virtuoso tutored her daughter, niece and grandson the rope of how to become a perfect vocalist.

Her daughter Shazia Reshma and niece Ruby rendered her most famous songs such as Aankhyan Nu, Na dil dendi bedardi nu, Meri Hamjolian, as well as the Punjabi favourite Kithey Nain na Jourin. About this last song critic Najam Adil, in one of his dispatches, wrote that no one should think of singing this song, because no one can render it in the exact nuance in which Reshma does it.

The musical evening did full justice to the phenomenon that Reshma is. However, it must be added for the record that the musical evening dedicated to the legend Reshma was the swan song of its outgoing director-general Naeem Tahir.

Monday morning he handed over the charge of the PNCA to Tauqir Nasir, who has succeeded him in the post.

Living legend Reshma returned to the stage a second time to thank the audience as well as Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani for donating Rs1 million for her treatment.
Source: Dawn