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Rescue female officers

Rescue female officers

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif really made rock hard efforts for tracing the murderer of angel “Zainab” and many others who couldn’t survive. The sensitivity of the issue restrict me not to pen down all my inner feels and sympathies to grieve, no words to say except a sigh of relief that may the real one is in behind the bars.

The world is now recognizing our efforts for women empowerment and our women are becoming our pride too. This is also fact that special preferences is being given to the females in every field of professional life where they feel fit to be join and work. The new age of technology and the advancement made easy to access everything what someone can dream. Now, with the participation of the females in even practical professions they proved themselves that they are not below the men’s power but across their capabilities.

The entire ideology and sense of comfort encourage the females to participate in the growing and developing Pakistan through providing their services with dignity and pride. But matter of deep concern to whom who are facing hardships not only in the private sector but the alarming situation is gradually growing in governmental sector too.

Rescue 1122 where about hundreds of females are serving the nation without any issue as the entire strength of the said office sincerely working for the masses. Growing organization has expanded its services from Lahore, Islamabad and many other cities where the large number of females from native towns had joined it aiming to serve their own people. It’s a good sign for our country that the females are engaging themselves in tough and little more challenging jobs with full zeal.
But unfortunately, an incident took place in the rescue 1122 office reported by the media as few of the serving ladies have submitted their handwritten applications against their fellow man who have joined on a key post, a resource person of the same department.

The issue was really serious because these were the ladies who have joined the Rescue 1122 since it’s been established and they were became a symbol of great inspiration for those future coming generation who may litt ofle shaky to join the service. Almost all media organizations have supported these female officers as they felt that they were true and has right to expose of the black sheep among them.

Unluckily, may the DG Rescue 1122 Dr. Rizwan not realize the bitterness of the issue of these female officers as he took it as a routine matter. It’s a matter of deep sorrow to those families who have gone through the entire situation where their daughters who were serving in Rescue to rescue the deprived masses where the daughters of the nation were not been rescued so far. As usual, a committee was chalked out to deal with the matter but the members of the committee didn’t take any strict action against the culprit and these ladies have become a rolling stone.
The issue didn’t resolve yet but the mother of one of the female officer has been gone to ask ALLAH for mercy on earth while the other officer is in deep psychological pressure as the doctor’s may not sure when she will recover.

The government has made a law called “The Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Work Place Act 2010” through which a committee should take action against the accused, but these daughters of the nation have become a hot topic for the entire department rather to be given justice. The moving eye-balls of the dominant male officials ask many questions to these female officers who definitely irritate them without saying a tiny word like they are innocent but harassed. The accuse person is now working with more power as he has not been punished and may supported by his fellow men and may the high-ups of his office.

Imran Ali, who has been found guilty of “Zainab” case as he himself accept it, while the entire nation is demanding for his dead among the larger gathering of the masses as he deserve. But what authorities will do with the man who found guilty as the females have write and explain the entire scenario. A mother who couldn’t survived after earring the rumor either it was true or not at that time about her daughter named in the case. What will happen with the lady who is suffering in high risk of psychological pressure waiting the justice from those who had taken oath for the good governors.

It is time, to take stern action against those who do not respect females while they have their own blood relations in shape of Mother, Sister, Daughter and many others. As an adverse effect many daughters who were been stopped to join workplaces as the parents may not want to face such miserable situations in which they pay a priceless penalty of survival in the society where still females are not allowed to stand with men. Because of a few numbers of males who have no concern of the respect of the females as they became mentally sick, do what they want to do without feeling the pain of the mother and the father who always waits for safe return of their beloved daughter from male dominant organizations.

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