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Girl goes missing after falling into open drain

A 22-year-old girl fell into a sewage drain near Mai Kolachi gate in Sultanabad area. According to Edhi, Chippa and Jackson police, the girl has not been located till now, and it is feared that she may have died.

Details reveal that Gul Saima, who had been married some time ago to Khafeeq Zaman, was crossing the drain with a relative’s child, when she slipped and fell. When the child started shouting, the public drew nearer and called for help.

“The drain has dirty sewage water and it is known to end up in the sea,” an Edhi source told The News. “We fear the girl has died by now, but we have still not been able to locate her body,” said a police source. “The girl must have ended up in the sea at the rate the water is forcing itself through the drain.”

The drain separates Hijrat Colony from Sultanabad. For the public’s safety, a crossing has been constructed. However the drain is open. Keamari Town Nazim, Aslam Sasoli could not be contacted in this regard.

Meanwhile, a 35-year-old unidentified man was crushed to death by a Khyber Mail train when he was trying to cross the railway track at the Drigh Road Railway Station.

In a separate case, a man identified as Farooq was crushed by a speeding yellow cab, the police said. Following the incident, a mob set the car on fire and handed over the driver to the police after beating him up.
Source: The News