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Plight of Pakistani women

THERE seems to be no relief for the poor oppressed women of Pakistan that continue to suffer irrespective of change in regime.

If the chief minister of Sindh, belonging to the party founded by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, cannot provide justice to the residents of his constituency, what moral right does he have to occupy an office that is supposed to be the custodian of people’s constitutional and human rights in the province.

The inhumane killing of a 17-year-old girl in Khairpur district reminds us of the stone age.

We seem to be frozen in time when such repressive and shameful acts continue to be done. Heavens would have shaken when the unfortunate father, Gulsher Solangi, of 17-year-old Tasleem, was made to witness hungry dogs feed on his daughter by monsters in the garb of men.

Yet the MPA from Khairpur considers it appropriate to sit in the comfort of his palatial home in Karachi, because the traditions of the waderas of Sindh have more sanctimonious relevance than the laws of Pakistan, human rights or the religion of Islam.

After all, these influential people matter in elections, where power and money matter. The feudals of this country know that people will forget all this in time and so will the print or electronic media. After all hundreds of such murderers have gotten away scot-free, after a brief spell in jail.

Life goes on, as it has, for those that buried alive five women in Balochistan, or those that raped Dr Shazia Khalid and thousands of others.

It was Dr Shazia Khalid who had to flee from Pakistan, while his rapist was provided sanctuary by Musharraf, for whom emancipation of women was confined only to holding fashion shows and mujrahs in the presidency.

The champion of enlightened moderation said it all, when he in anger stated his inner mindset in New York, that these victims of rape plan all this to get visas and immigration etc.

Pakistan today suffers because of credibility of its ruling khaki and civil elite.

Our religious clergy is strangely very quite when it comes to rights of women. It is no wonder that Islamabad wants a pliant judiciary, that does not consider it appropriate to take suo motu notice of such barbarities, but considers it just to use the same power to provide relief to those involved in Punjab bank heist.

The people of Pakistan will suffer as long as such injustice occurs.


THIS refers to the news item ‘Barbaric killing of teenager unfolds’ (Oct 28). I feel disgraceful to know that such inhumane people are still alive and roam our society.

Incidents of such nature may only take place in a society where justice is delayed or denied by any means. Criminals have no fear of God or any law-enforcement agencies.

Had the justice system been strengthened by jurists like Justice Chaudhry, such incidents would not go unnoticed under suo motu actions. I request the government to take stern action against the criminals.
Source: Dawn

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